Stolen dinosaur returned to Mongolia

Stolen dinosaur returned to Mongolia

United States of America have returned to Mongolia over 18 skeletons and fossils of dinosaurs that had been stolen from the Gobi desert, and then exported illegally, saying they could fill an entire Museum.

Some had been imported illegally into the United States with false documents, and others have been introduced surreptitiously by a British collector. Such an action is unprecedented

The fossil record is enough to fill a Museum of natural history, which is currently in the project in Mongolia.

United States Mongolia, already have handed in more than a year ago, the first remnants of a skeleton of the old tiranozaur 70 million years ago. The skeleton had been sold at the auction at over a million dollars before American authorities to intervene, at the request of Mongolia.Stolen dinosaur returned to Mongolia

Mongolian Minister of culture has shown in turn that the skeleton is going to be the first piece in the future Museum of dinosaurs, that his Government wants to build it.

AFP recalls that a collector based in the u.s. State of Florida (Southeast), Eric Prokopi, pleaded guilty in December 2012 because of illegal scrap imported dinosaur skeletons, which were then handed over to u.s. authorities by his former partner of British business.

Prokopi, who risk up to 17 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine, he was eventually sentenced to three months in prison on July 3 after he pleaded guilty and surrendered the skeletons