Fast house cleaning tips

Do you like to have the house clean and get used to always be quite meticulous in this regard? Perhaps you’re often exhausted, after you’ve held for several hours cleaning the house. Therefore, it is good to know some tips to minimize the time and effort to aspirate, dusters, or arranging clothing.

Here are 9 tips:

1. Avoid unnecessary agglomeration of furniture and try to keep as much space. Cancel all the things you no longer use. Get rid of them, sell them or donate them if you never use them.

2. Use boxes and drawers to store small objects. Also, before storing them in drawers, place jewelry and other very small things in bags to avoid losing them.

3. Collect things scattered in the house. Do not let dirt come together because it will be harder to clean.

How do you make a house easier to clean

4. Use hooks for doors and cabinets to hang towels, clothes, etc.. Thus, you create more space in closets.

5. Use vacuum weekly. Use a vacuum cleaner for floors, upholstery and curtains, as such, more time will keep clean. Do not forget to clean the vacuum cleaner air filters every two months.

6. Wash the windows regularly. Use a special solution for windows, or water and vinegar.

7. Ventilate the house every day to enjoy fresh air and sunlight. Thus you will treat vitamin D deficiencies in the body.

8. Invest in articles and effective products to clean house. That will help keep your house clean for longer and prolong the life of furniture and personal belongings.

9. Rugs are easier to clean than carpet and large carpets. Can be easily removed and shaken or vacuumed. In addition, your home will look more airy.