Device that protects from energies that steal your sleep

A deep sleep assures more energy during the day, increase the capacity for concentration and strengthens the immune system. And the skin feels the beneficial effects of sleep, which is when secreted collagen and elastin.

Of course, besides the ability to cope with stress more easily, a restful sleep allows you to develop your social life and relationships with others.Device that protects from energies that steal your sleep

The lack of a peaceful sleep, in turn, can have powerful effects on your body, but also on the efficiency of your daily activities.

If you agree with the researchers who say that sleeplessness is caused by radiation emitted by electrical wires in the walls of the home, emissions of the mobile phones and fixed wireless technologies waves transmitted by wireless radio and TV or power lines in your neighborhood then you should know that has been invented a machine that “fight” it.

According to researchers, once installed, this device brings home “more energy” and help you have a peaceful sleep and solve health problems.

The device actually emits the frequency 7.83 Hz (natural frequency of the Earth) protecting a radius of 10 m electromagnetic radiation harmful to human body.