Develop a healthy rhythm of life especially at the office

Develop a healthy rhythm of life, especially in the office. Drink plenty of water, eat vegetables, do sports breaks.

The temptation to snack while you work is something very big and very difficult to avoid. But all this can be avoided with a little discipline and training. Buy 5 fruits at the beginning of the week.

Bananas, apples, kiwi, oranges or any fruit you like. Eat fruit every day one at the office. Set the alarm in the morning with ten minutes earlier.

Use the ten minutes to prepare a healthy lunch. Do not forget: vegetables, protein and fiber. Try a little bacon, green salad and bread, along with a fresh tomato. Keep a water bottle on your desk

Try the following exercise: when you feel you need a snack, take one small mouth of water. Repeat this until you get the reflex. Get out at lunch time

Go for a walk or if you can, subscribe to a fitness center, near work. Invite a colleague for not doing this alone. If you can not leave the office, take some time before or after work for some exercise. Give up coffee

Change daily coffee, with a large cup of green tea. Another good alternative would be decaf coffee.
Throw all the biscuits from the cupboard

If you work in an office where colleagues share their snacks such as crackers, cookies and chips trying to politely refuse any offer. If you love to snack something, you can replace biscuits with cereal bars.