How to create a zen garden in just a few minutes

A Zen garden is a spiritual refuge that can be placed in any space. A Zen garden can vary from a very large garden, to just a corner of it. You can create a zen garden as an arrangement inside the house and this can be not larger than a picture.

Here are a few steps you should follow when you create a Zen garden:


Set size of your zen garden

Before you start working, decide how big you want to do it. Carefully choose the place where you will fit. If you’d like to achieve an outdoor Zen garden or if you want one inside your home.

Create a box frame

If you opt for a small Zen garden, you should  build a box with about 5 inches tall sides. In this case, place sand and / or gravel inside.



For this box you’ll just need a wooden board (may be pale) and four equal pieces, which will be mounted as walls.

Customize box

After you’ve mounted the box, you can leave it as is, or you can customize it as you wish. Decorate it with dry leaves, tied around a satin ribbon or paint it in different patterns and colors. Be sure to take into account the place where you’ll place the Zen garden, because it should mold perfectly to the scenery.



Start Planning your Zen garden

Make sure the sand / gravel is leveled. Now you can start add stones in various places.  You can change the position of stones whenever you want.

After that, draw a model with a rake. You can make circles around stones or other signs that you like. From time to time change the patters as you like.